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I don't think there is anything bad anybody has to say about this!

This is so beautiful. I went in expecting to love it, and went out absolutely loving it. 10/10 Sounds, visuals, and game play. I had no problems with it whatsoever, the ending was vague but I didn't mind, still love it! Great job on this, I hope to see more from you guys :)

I really loved this game when I played it a while ago. Really good!


I LOVED this game! A totally unique experience - the environmental modeling was fantastic, truly amazing sound engineering, no issues with controls, great length for the objective... an amazing short exploratory adventure. I wouldn't change a thing! Thanks so much to the developers!

If you would like to see gameplay footage, please follow the link to my YouTube video! I highly recommend playing for yourself, I do not do this game justice in my playthrough! Thanks!

Thanks so much! Your playthrough made our day, glad you enjoyed the game =)

You bet! Please keep making games! This one was so wonderful that I'd like to see what else you come up with!

Thumbs up from me! Excellent work!

Thanks a lot!

loved it!

great to hear that, thanks!


thanks man!

This is true art! 11/10

Thanks so much!! Cheers =)

BRUH, this game is fantastic AF. Thank you for the beautiful experience !! I really enjoyed the lightning 😄

Thanks so much man, we really enjoyed your let's play =) cheers!

This has become my new happy place. I could just spend hours staring at the screen and listening to the music.

I've also invented a new word:


when something is so good but there are no existing words to describe its greatness

Hey, we're super happy to hear you enjoy ROM! thanks!

Did a LP of it for our channel and really loved it. I would love to see more stuff like this, the environmental puzzles and everything really fascinated me!

always super interesting to watch people playing rom! thanks for the feedback & LP!

the game looks awesome it'd be cool to add a resource system , all the graphics and atmosphere spot on , great puzzle game .Exploration of more intricate puzzle islands would be nice

hey, thanks for the feedback! glad you liked it.

Great game, but I wish it was clearer that the game ends when you light up all the centre lights because it looks too much like another puzzle.


thanks for your feedback, we're glad you liked the game! We totally agree with what you're saying, if we had more time, the first thing we'd add to the game would be a more obvious/rewarding ending. Thanks and cheers! =)

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This game is so good. I love it. In my first go around I just sat there in the rainstorm admiring the beauty of the art style and the atmosphere. This game sets the mood so well for each of its different areas. ITs just amazing.


Thank you very much! We're glad you liked it!

Great Game!

thanks man! =)

Np :D

Simply amazing.

(Possible Vulgar Language Warning.)

thank you!

No, thank you for creating such an amazing game!

Your concept is so peaceful. I really hope you decide to turn this into a full length puzzle game.

Hey man, glad you liked it! We really think about turning ROM into a real game some time, at the moment we're just super busy with university. Thanks for your let's try though!

No problem. Keep up the great work!

If I may ask, what inspired you to make this piece of art?

Hey QualityToast, sorry we somehow overlooked your question! In case you're still interested: We were fascinated by the idea of a game without "real gameplay", only driven by atmosphere or emotion. So we decided to use our 2nd semester project at university to experiment with that idea...

that's pretty rad

I agree with 14ZiliKON it is very feels and therapeutic kinda feels like everything gonna be alright.

Heres some game-play of me experiencing it ;P

Thanks man, and thank you for the video, we're super happy about everyone helping to get the word out!

Thank the developer team so much that you guys made this game free. I dont even know why but I tear up while playing it... Love the art style, I dont know if there is a deeper meaning that changing weather and the sound. Thank you so much for making this game free

You're welcome! and thank you for playing & for sharing your experience. It means a lot to us hearing how people react to the game. Cheers!

I have got to say, This game is truly magnificent. I have spent several hours just admiring the art style. I bleieve I can speak for most when saying that this game is truly wonderful. The fact that the game ties together so well, and even the pads all over the island that when triggering a combiniation of them will change the entire atmospheric feel is truly amazing. Nice job BINCURL for making a truly magnificent game. I would record and uplaod this to youtube but my mic simply wont work. Either way amazing game and i wish the best for you!

Thanks so much for the kind words, we really appreciate it!

Prof. Susanne Brandhorst
Prof. Thomas Bremer

No Doktors ? :P

Hi, not sure what you mean?

He means there is professors but no doctors

I thought everyone and his dog was a Doktor in Germany and now we have Professors too ?

It was a small jokey observation.

Tremendous achievement for a student team. Well done, keep up the good work!

Reminded me of Morphe and Proteus- a lovely little place to get lost in.



thanks so much, we're glad you enjoyed it! We really love seeing people play the game on youtube, so keep that up as well!


This game seems super pretty and fun but I was wondering if there was (or if you could create) a mac/osx version.



thanks so much for the kind words, unfortunately we currently don't have the resources (in particular: Macbooks) to do the testing for a mac-version. We'd love to bring ROM to more plattforms though, so let's see what the future brings =)


thanks so much for considering it! ill keep my eyes open in the future :)

Hello, guys! Great job :) I wonder - how to contact developers by email?

Hi, thanks!

You can write us to: